Style in ‘Sex and The City’ 

By Caitriona McGovern

The television series “Sex and the City,” which first aired in the late 1990s, elevated fashion to a critical aspect of the storyline, emphasizing it as both style and self-expression. We are exposed to the lives of four main characters, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, as they navigate their individual paths in the bustling New York City. Each character exhibits a unique style, and we witness the progression of each character’s fashion throughout the series. 

Miranda’s wardrobe epitomizes corporate chic, her fashion choices primarily consist of blazers and tailored suits, creating a harmonious blend of classic pieces with contemporary sophistication.

Charlotte’s style is characterized by its timeless and elegant nature, emanating a polished and composed aura. She is drawn to tailored dresses and skirts, preferring a soft colour palette, and frequently incorporating classic silhouettes as her defining feature.

Samantha’s style is defined as empowered, unapologetic, and confident which is a true reflection of her personality. Her wardrobe consists of bold colours, rich fabrics, animal prints, plunging necklines and statement designer accessories. 

Finally, Carrie Bradshaw. Carrie’s style is emblematic of the avant-garde spirit, and her eclectic fashion choices epitomize the essence of Manhattan. Not only making her a true icon on the show, but also in modern society. She is known for mixing her high-end accessories (Manolo Blahniks naturally) with rare vintage finds. The blending of vintage and modern finds reflects both her distinctive personality and fashion forward sensibilities. This results in Carrie’s character crafting an endless array of bold yet seamless outfits. She embraces colour, pattern, bold and statement accessories, effortlessly combining elements of prestige with bohemian chic. 

Carrie remains infamous for a plethora of different looks, ranging from the early days. Featuring the tutu, her iconic Manolo Blahnik heels paired with mini shorts, her stylish fur jacket, the Dior newspaper dress, the Vivienne Westwood wedding gown, and, of course, her cherished nameplate necklace that spelled out ‘Carrie.’

The distinctive styles of the four characters are integral in creating a television series synonymous with the concept of style during both its original airing and in today’s contemporary society. Employing clothing and accessories as a medium for self-expression endures their styles as symbols of individuality. The challenging of traditional fashion norms and curation of unconventional outfits has captured the gaze of both runway and street style scenes. This sartorial expression remains a vital component of the iconic fashion landscape within “Sex and the City.”


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