The Rachel Green Fever.

By Lucia Reyes Espejo |

As we know Rachel Green’s style simply defined is simply as an Icon .For me it can be defined as the viral TikTok that said “ she is an icon she is a legend” .That’s her for me and for most of the viewers and even non-viewers of the programme. In the series she is portrayed as a rich girl who wears pieces that are not accessible for everyone, as she can afford to shop in luxurious places and spend her money on quality pieces of clothing. Her entrance on the show is iconic as she flees the altar leaving her fiancé hanging and appears dressed as a bride with a large ring on her hand. Although her finances are no longer funded by the family fortune, her style remains impeccable and further along in the series she even works for brands such as Ralph Lauren, a true fashion icon.

Even though the show’s stylist tried to show that Rachel’s style of dress was based on fashionable pieces that aren’t available to everyone, it did not and still does not hinder many people from being inspired to follow their style. Her impact on fashion is clearly reflected in the style of haircuts and hairstyles she has had in the series. From bangs, short hair, hairstyles such as the French twist that is now so on trend and the infamous Rachel style cut. Among other celebrities, Michelle Pfeiffer has already asked for her haircut to be Rachel style. As for the colours that most symbolise Rachel Green in the programme and her outfits, they are neutral and warm colours, between greens, browns and even grey and black from time to time, she also takes risks in the course of the programme by introducing some prints and colours such as yellows and reds that are now so trendy.

As previously mentioned, the show’s stylist mentioned several times that the purpose of Rachel’s dress was for her to wear pieces that were not attainable for everyone, however the impact she had outside the show was the opposite as everyone wanted to dress and look like her in both her outfits and her iconic hairstyles. So despite representing a rich girl with expensive tastes, she ended up being a reference point for any girl who was watching. Her personality changes throughout the series were also reflected in her style of dress, changing to a more modern and casual style .

Rachel Green remains a fashion icon in every way. Both the show Friends and Rachels individual character have had a major impact on society since its launch in 1994. In fact if you look for inspiration on platforms like Pinterest, Instagram or TikTok in many occasions you will find her as a reference in all aspects.

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