Alumni Allure :Lara Walsh Fagherazzi

By Shaunamay Martin Bohan

As the vibrant heart of the DCU Style Society during her tenure as Chairperson from 2021-2022, Lara Walsh Fagherazzi embodies a fusion of creativity and resilience that has seamlessly transitioned from her college days to the bustling corporate world. In an exclusive interview with The Look Online, Razzi delves into her style evolution, cherished memories with the Style Society, the challenges of organizing post-COVID events, and her career as Junior Art Director.

Style Society 

Razzi’s journey with the Style Society began in her first year as a dresser for the Fashion Show, followed by taking on the role of The Look Layout Editor, and finally, embracing the challenge of chairpersonship. Alongside her professional growth, her personal style has undergone remarkable changes. Once enamored with the latest trends, Razzi exudes confidence in her mastery of a distinctive personal style. Her closet now boasts a curated collection worthy of passing down to a daughter – a treasure trove built on layers, timeless pieces, and, notably, kilts. Razzi’s innovative thinking can be seen not only through her creative journey in Style Soc but also through her collection of charity shop school skirts she styles as kilts. Instead of focusing on what everyone else is wearing now, she tries to use fewer pieces to create a bigger impact. In a world of fast fashion, Razzi’s approach inspires us to value quality over quantity and celebrate our unique style.

Taking on the role of organizing the DCU Fashion Show is undeniably the pinnacle challenge for every Style Society chairperson, and Lara Razzi’s tenure was no exception. With meticulous planning and unwavering determination, Razzi masterfully orchestrated the “7th Heaven” Fashion Show, a feat that stands as one of her proudest achievements and a highlight of her college experience. However, behind the glamour of the runway lay a series of daunting hurdles, particularly in navigating the complexities of organizing the first post-COVID event. Drawing inspiration from Alice in Wonderland, Razzi infused the show with creativity while ensuring strict adherence to COVID protocols. Despite facing her own about of illness just days before the event, Razzi’s resilience shone through as she rallied her team to overcome adversity and deliver an unforgettable experience.

Reflecting on my journey into the Style Society, I found inspiration in Razzi’s remarkable events, particularly the mesmerizing “7th Heaven” Fashion Show of 2022. While I was technically a member at the time, I had yet to fully immerse myself in society’s activities, feeling daunted by the magnitude of such events. The resurgence of the DCU Fashion Show after the hiatus imposed by COVID marked a pivotal moment for me. The sheer spectacle of high fashion, professional model walks, and meticulously curated goodie bags left an indelible impression, igniting a spark of curiosity and wonder within me. Despite initial hesitations, Razzi’s transformative events ultimately motivated me to overcome my apprehensions and fully embrace the vibrant community of the Style Society.

One cherished memory from Razzi’s time in the Style Society was a smaller yet significant moment – the committee’s Christmas dinner at their secretary’s home. Gathered around for a potluck, each member contributed a dish, fostering a sense of camaraderie and connection Coming together after the challenges of the pandemic, it was a chance to slow down and truly bond as a committee. Razzi fondly recalls bringing a large pot of mulled wine to the gathering but admits the secretary’s kale salad left the biggest impact on the group. Small memories like this are often the ones that surprisingly stick with us for the longest.

On Creativity 

Creativity is not only an essential part of Razzi’s “Style” experience but now in her role as Junior Art Director, it’s a necessity. In her quest for inspiration, Lara Razzi casts a wide net, drawing from a diverse array of sources to fuel her creative fire. She admits that a large amount of inspiration may come from the typical channels of Pinterest and Instagram. However, she also stresses the importance of finding inspiration offline. Collage work isn’t just a hobby for Lara Razzi; it’s her weapon against a creative block. In the corporate creative world, a vision board can be the difference between a blank page and a finished design. When she finds herself stuck in a rut, she turns to the tactile art of collaging to break free from the chains of stagnation. During the COVID lockdowns, Razzi harnessed her creativity by collecting magazines and crafting her own collage designs, playfully dubbing it the “original Pinterest”.

Razzi also finds creative solace in revisiting her past creative endeavors, using them as a springboard for self-improvement and innovation. Each year, she meticulously crafts immersive video montages that serve as windows into her memories, evoking nostalgia for viewers despite not living her memories. Over time, Razzi has evolved her approach, transitioning from static collages to dynamic animations that breathe new life into her retrospections. (Watch her 2023 version below, well worth the watch !)

Beyond the confines of her own work, Razzi finds inspiration in the vibrant tapestry of music, art, and emerging talents. She cites the importance of following emerging artists such as her current favorite illustrator, Isabella Cortier. She emphasizes, “They are the ones who are doing something new.” By keeping up to date with trendbreakers, Razzi teaches us that you can be inspired to break the mold yourself.

The Working World 

Transitioning from college to the corporate creative world, Razzi acknowledges the role of serendipity in her journey. She considers herself fortunate in how things unfolded, emphasizing the value of connections forged during her college years. According to Razzi, building relationships in college can be instrumental, often leading to collaborative opportunities with familiar faces in professional settings.

In Razzi’s own experience, her post-college career trajectory took shape through an encounter with a college friend working in social media marketing. Recognizing Razzi’s potential, her friend presented her with an opportunity in the company, despite it involving work with TikTok, a platform outside of Razzi’s comfort zone. However, stepping out of her comfort zone proved to be a catalyst for growth, as Razzi discovered a newfound passion for the role. She advocates for embracing diverse paths in life, viewing each experience as an opportunity to gain valuable insights about oneself and the desired journey forward.

This initial role served as a springboard for Razzi, allowing her to cultivate corporate skills that continue to serve her well in her current position as a Junior Art Director. Especially as it allowed her to become fluent in “corporate lingo”.Some of her favorites include: “send am or pm” instead of the more formal “morning or evening.”, “KV” instead of key visuals and COB (Close of business ).

She encapsulates her philosophy with the mantra,

Start with Small Routes and Build Bigger Branches,”

emphasizing the importance of seizing opportunities and leveraging them to chart a fulfilling career path.

A typical day in Razzi’s current role as a Junior Art Director is a whirlwind of collaborative efforts, team meetings, and meticulous planning. As the visual creator behind projects, she works closely with copywriters to craft deisgns. Utilizing her expertise in Illustrator and Photoshop, Razzi brings her creative visions to life, a skill honed during her time as Brand Design Officer in DCU’s Media Production Society. Despite the occasional challenge of fine-tuning details for days on end, Razzi finds solace in the therapeutic nature of her work. Plus, the office perks, such as impromptu massages or visits from the ice cream truck, add a glimmer of delight to her day. 

While Razzi’s career highlight beyond college has yet to materialize, she anticipates it will be the moment she sees her work come to life in the real world. Currently, she’s immersed in a project for a client, eagerly anticipating the impact her creations will have once they’re out in the world.

Advice for DCU Style Members 

Reflecting on her college journey, Razzi would offer her first-year self sage advice: get involved in societies sooner. Whether it’s The Look or The Fashion Show, diving into extracurricular activities early on is not just about making friends but also about cultivating invaluable skills and experiences that lay the foundation for a fulfilling career ahead.

Quick Fire Questions:

Favorite Spot to Show Dublin to a First-Timer: The Bull Wall for a sunrise swim and a toastie. Despite her limited swimming skills, the serene view of Dublin’s scenery and towers while paddling is both relaxing and rejuvenating.

Favorite Place to Shop in Dublin: Om Diva for its selection of great Irish designers, and Nine Crows Thrift for unique finds.

Style Icon she’d Love to Steal from: Dua Lipa or Chloe Felopulos.

Ins and Outs for 2024:

Ins: small things, connecting with nature, kissing cheeks, the right to privacy of one’s own mind, slowing down, kilts (of course!),protecting your peace, creativity in everyday life.

Outs: Over-texting, being perceived, waiting: in line, or for others, overconsumption of social media 


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