Straight Ups on DCU Glasnevin Campus

March 20, 2022 0 Comments

by Shaunamay Martin Bohan

Inspired by the straight up fashion shoots of the 80s and 90s we grabbed some fashionable students aside to find our what Glasnevin students are really wearing and how they really feel about fashion and personal style. 

Above is an example of a 1980s straight up by I-D magazine which is still popular today!


Adam Daly 

Clothes -All thrifted  Shoes-stolen from a friend

Hates-When people buy clothes in charity shops and resell them for profit 

Style-comfortable and casual 

Go to Karaoke song -Come on Eileen 



Oonagh and Ciara (Left to Right)




Jacket – From a shop in Leitrim

Skirt – “a Granny shop”

Shoes – Bershka 

Top – Moms from New York 90s

Style – “Currently channelling summer Oonagh in January because I’m missing the sun”

Pet Peeve – Adam sandler or Celery 


Jacket -stolen



Shoes- “some random shop”

Likes – Handmade jewellery and lentil crisps 

Quote : “Not my best but it’s clothes” 



Jacket -Some vintage store probably overpriced 

Jumper -Urban outfitters 

Shoes – Converse from Santa at xmas !!

Jeans -Asos (secretly too small but you can’t tell because I’m wearing converse)

Chain -Crafted London 

Style – “embarrassing”

Hates- People who try too hard and being put on the spot 

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