2014 in 2024

By Ellen Hickey | Edited by Aretha Uamai

It has been a decade since 2014, and the fashion world is reminiscing on leopard print, faux fur coats, and the indie sleaze era. 2014 was a year of simpler times, over saturated Instagram photos, and American Apparel tennis skirts that every girl wore when attending teenage discos. Back in 2014, young girls used to be obsessed with boybands such as One Direction and 5SOS, and their merchandise was seen as a fashion statement during this period. Nowadays, young girls have an infatuation with skincare, makeup, and becoming TikTok famous, something that Generation Z cannot comprehend. However, the 2014 nostalgia has become a trend, with the revival of leopard print, fur coats, and statement necklaces, also known as the ‘mob wife aesthetic’. ‘The Tumblr girl’ period is being revisited by millennials and Generation Z, and is now appreciated by Generation Alpha, thanks to social media platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram.

Fashion ‘It’ girls such as Devon Lee Carlson, Kylie Jenner, and Addison Rae have participated in the reincarnation of the beloved 2014 era. In November 2023, Devon Lee Carlson was spotted wearing BOY London, a popular brand worn repeatedly by Rihanna throughout the early 2010s. In January 2024, Kylie Jenner was praised on social media for dying her hair pink, as fans have been reminiscing upon her ‘King Kylie’ years from the 2010s. At the beginning of 2024, Addison Rae posted photos of herself with an iPhone 5 using 2014 Instagram filters, and posing with flowers which reflect on the indie sleaze trend from 10 years ago. The participation of these ‘It Girls’ prove that ‘the 2014 Tumblr Girl’ era is dearly missed and appreciated by not only celebrities, but by their fans too.

2014 was also the year of the indie sleaze/grunge Tumblr era, when teenage girls were obsessed with Arctic Monkeys, Effy Stonem, and making cigarettes a part of their aesthetic. ‘It’ girls of the indie sleaze trend included Taylor Momsen, Alexa Chung, and Kate Moss. Signature aspects of their look included black smokey eyeshadow, graphic tees, messy hair, cross necklaces, tennis skirts, and of course a cigarette. In addition to this, fans of the ‘indie sleaze’ trend created Tumblr blogs, which included aesthetic photos of smoking, grunge fashion looks, song lyrics mostly from Arctic Monkeys or Lana Del Rey, and selfies with their hands over their face to add to their ‘dark and mysterious’ personality.

Although some 2014 fashion trends are making a comeback, the majority of trends will not be progressing in 2024.

2014 trends that are IN: leopard print, fur coats, thick frame glasses, studs, fur boots, and beanies with slogans.

2014 trends that are OUT: galaxy print, skinny jeans, Isabel Marant wedge trainers, lace up heel boots, peplum, and snapbacks.

The 2014 fashion and lifestyle trends may have been a phase, but the Tumblr girl and indie sleaze era is timeless, and will stay for years to come. 2014 was a year that many think fondly of, due to happier times and fun fashion statements. Perhaps in 10 years time we will react in the same way towards 2024, and revisit fond memories and fashion choices from this year.

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