It’s a bit chilly: How to look fashionable without freezing this winter

By Aretha Uamai |

This cold is a new cold

If you’ve thought or spoken those exact words, you are not alone. 

According to the calendar year, this winter will last until March, March 20th to be exact. But the weather, particularly the cold, makes it seem like winter lasts a lifetime, deeming calendars unnecessary. Whether it is rain or significantly low temperatures, we’ve not been spared of both. With the recent addition of strong winds due to Storm Isha’s recent appearance. 

As someone who habitually uses the weather app to navigate outfits, these factors can be extremely discouraging. If you’ve found yourself in a similar dilemma, keep reading as we take a look at how to stay fashionable without freezing. 

Starting off strong with base layers that are bound to keep you warm this winter.

A vest and long sleeve for upper and leggings or tights under your bottoms of choice. This way there’s not too much compromise with a particular outfit in mind. If you still want to stick to that t-shirt or skirt, letting these base layers shine may do more than expected for staying fashionable/your outfit. With the recent revival of colourful tights and the early 2000s as our acting proof. 

Wearing colourful or printed tights with a skirt, or a long sleeve under your t-shirt, while it is not everyone’s look of choice, it can work. Understable if that’s not for you. Go ahead and wear those black tights or risk it and just chuck that puffer over the t-shirt.

That brings us to outerwear

Putting together a nice outfit then having/being forced to throw a jacket over it to endure the weather is never nice, especially if said jacket ruins what you have curated underneath. So why not invest in a substitute. A substitute that bonds the look together rather than tearing it apart, and keeps you stylish while warm. Here are a few recommendations. 

The wool trench coat is sophisticated with a classic silhouette that hugs the body making it perfect for something more formal or fitted. Opting for an oversized version may be in your favour with bigger layers.

Circa 2020 – 2022 it was the Penny Lane style afghan, now it’s the Apres Ski fur jacket.

Fur coats are one of the most recent fashion trends of 2024, and have been getting all the love. The piece makes a fashion statement with its mere presence upgrading any outfit from casual to dressy. And essential to its being here, the heavy material/texture guarantees warmth.

The 2020s have successfully brought bomber jackets back into style, but not in the way they were style in their prime. There is more exploration with textures, like wool and leather, and also size with the frequent oversized or cropped options. This modern fashion renewal and intertextuality of bomber jackets makes them diverse for all to enjoy both during and after winter.

As always, styling is of the essence, which means accessories. In this case, warm accessories are of utmost importance. Luckily, this does not mean getting rid of your signature jewellery or favourite hair piece. Keep those. These are just practical add-ons to keep you warmer and bring something special/extra to your look.

Big scarves have been everywhere this winter and it’s no wonder why. Printed or plain, they can really bring any outfit together, as well as a vital cosiness/extra defence against the cold. Hats have this same effect, and like scarves have also had their fair share of recent recognition. The different styles – fur, graphic, knitted or the regular cap – make them compatible with any outfit. Pairing the two (seen on the left) amounts to extra warmth and an elevated look.

Finally, ear muffs. The fluffy accessory still stands as one of the ultimate winter accessories. Ear muffs have a variety of colours and materials, not limiting choices. They can tactfully be matched with other clothing (as seen on the right) or their warm counterparts allowing for a stylish, coordinated ensemble. This fashion choice may result in a headphone compromise, but is always worth it.

There you have it, all the vital information on how to stay fashionable without freezing. Following through with your base, outerwear and accessories should guarantee a balance between warmth and style this winter.

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