Posts from February 8, 2022

The Fashion Magazine vs The influencer 

In The Early 2000s Fashion Magazines Like Vogue, Cosmopolitan And Elle Had A Grip On The Public's[…]

The rise of micro-influencers in fashion – what are they and  how can you become one

By Shaunamay Martin Bohan The “Influecer” has  become a dream job for thousands across the globe. Who[…]

The Controversies and Components of the Coquette Style.

By Shaunamay Martin Bohan  There is a new subculture emerging in the depths of tiktok,instagram and pinterest.The[…]

On Making Outsiders “In”; A Love Letter to André Leon Talley

– by Aoife Noonan There are few industries as notoriously cliquey as the fashion world. Empires built[…]

Style Predictions 2022

New Year, new wardrobe, and anyone who reads The Look wouldn't be caught dead wearing anything out[…]