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PINTS, CHIT CHAT, SH*T SHOW -Why the internet hates ‘lad pub culture’

By Ana Sparling If you haven’t already seen the viral TikTok that has managed to grind the[…]

Alumni Allure :Emma Joy Collins

Emma Joy Collins, who began her journey as a stylist at the DCU fashion show in 2016[…]

The Anatomy of a Kiss: Fashion Show 2023 Recap

The style society did it again!! Katie and Liam both worked endlessly putting together an incredible production and[…]

La mode et La Musique : How they Shape Our generation’s self expression

By Vanessa Ikenna-Nwosu Generation Z are among the most expressive and vibrant generations to walk the face[…]

The Fashion Magazine vs The influencer 

In The Early 2000s Fashion Magazines Like Vogue, Cosmopolitan And Elle Had A Grip On The Public's[…]

The rise of micro-influencers in fashion – what are they and  how can you become one

By Shaunamay Martin Bohan The “Influecer” has  become a dream job for thousands across the globe. Who[…]